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Monday, May 9, 2011

Speaking of invasive.....

Nice fresh mint popping up where a tomato plant will be later this month. The black cloth is a method of mulching. I find it works very well.

And here comes the Bamboo.

By late summer this plant will be over seven feet tall and covered in bloom. It amkes a very good screen - but it can be invasive.

And Naturally - taking over the world...

I could drive myself crazy and think of it as a weed - but......

The Hosta are springing up!

I see I have to get to work and divide all of them this year. It looks like a four to one dividend on all plants.

It's a stray, but a nice one

Who knows where this came from, but I enjoy seeing it.

A future bloom

Even the lilac tree seems late this year. But it looks like there will be a good crop of flowers.

How Green It Is...