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Friday, March 25, 2011

What a surprise!

Well this little plant continues to surprise me. These photos were taken a couple of days ago - and even more blooms have opened since.

I thought I had detected the start of a double crown, but after very close inspection it looks like I was wrong. Anyway, a double crown seldom detracts from a plants flowering capability, though it will destroy the symmetry of the plant.

I’m going to let it continue it’s flowering and repot it later.

Lots of bloom coming!

No green thumb needed. If I remember correctly I killed two violets many years ago. I was on a third one - which was also looking ratty, when I decided to try putting it under a small desk lamp that was beside my computer. It worked! The plant prospered. Given enough light, and care in watering they will continue to bloom year after year. (Well, you will have to groom and repot but thats a future tale). Grin. The point is - ANYONE can grow these beautiful plants - ah well, almost anyone. They might not do so well if you lived in the artic. ;)

All it needs.... lots of light, and just enough water. The light is supplied by a single 23 watt CFB for about 12 hours a day.

Another View


OK, it looks like AV growing is still in my blood. When I was out looking for the size of pot I needed - I stopped to look at the display of African violets in a place where I normally would never buy plants. (Based on finding the plants I bought from them years ago were infested with pests). For the most part the display Was miserable. The plants had been raised in a very cramped environment. They had broken leaves and uneven growth. But one stood out as the two flowers that were open looked very interesting. Lets just say I decided to ‘rescue’ it. Once home I removed a few broken and mangled leaves - setting three into a small pot of rooting medium. I will see how things develop after a month or so. Oh, yes - this plant is classed as a ‘standard’ in size. That is if all goes well it will grow to be about eight inches in diameter.


Once you start growing new plants from leaf cuttings, violets will take over your life, your house, your neighbors and relatives. Violets can make good gifts though not everybody wants to care for a plant that is felt by many to be ‘difficult’.

BE WARNED. (Said from the voice of experience - growing these things IS addictive). ;))) ATB!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A healthy looking bunch. The black line on the edge of the door is eight inches long. This friendly young raccoon is probably just under a year old. (They grow fast).

Front and Center!

The only light out here was from the camera flash.

Saying Hello?

Healthy and friendly youngsters!

The Gang Arrived Last Night.

I can't be certain, but I suspect they are from Kimmie's gang. They are just about a year old now.

Summer Bird

He seems happy to see the snow vanishing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Beauty Refuses to Quit!

I removed all the flower stalks Feb 15th. Many new flowers are now opening. This is one very strong little plant. More photos later.

Day Before Spring

The snow was slowly melting but the first day of Spring arrived after this was taken with an additional three inches of very heavy snow. Looked beautiful - but I have to admit I'm fed up with winter...