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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Sol

He looks a little 'blue' thse days. And yet we are now a little over the eight hours of daylight here. Spring IS coming! Sigh - no raccoons spoted yet. They are late this year - it's not that cold out, but I guess they were well enough fed last fall.

I still have not been able to photograph the pair of cardinals that frequent the feeder. With a littl luck I might get a close up of the ravens though. They seem to be getting used tome popping out the door.

Brighter contrast

When the sun breaks through the normal winter overcast, it brings out the beautiful color we often seem to miss at this time of the year. Somehow the camera helps to focus my attention to these subtle details.

Chilly Winter Sun

But it won't be long before this gnarled old tree will break out with new bloom.

It's been a full year..

Not to worry - there is not nearly that amount of snow in front of the Retreat this winter, (So far).. The original photo was taken in march 2008. That was the year people were wondering where they were going to put the stuff!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Braving the Depths of Winter

Spring is not around the corner, but we are getting more daylight! It looks like the 'video' upload worked! Thats good, I think - but I still don't like winter. (Grinning).

Winter Contrast