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Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Regular Patrons (Raccoon Clan)

Who Is Who? (Among our regular Raccoon visitors).

How I define their character;

RESERVED = prefers to keep at least a few feet away from me.
PASSIVE = non-aggressive toward other raccoons. (At least around here).
FRIENDLY = will come right up to me, can be touched. Will take food right from my hand.

Bear Looks like a real, battle scarred old timer. Passive, reserved in nature. Probably male. Unknown age.

Kimmie: Passive in nature, very big female perhaps about 50 pounds. She had five kits early last Spring - all big and quite aggressive with other raccoons, though not with me. But none became particularly friendly, nor do I recall naming any of them.

Chloe Small, female at least four years old. Photograph from last year - with one of her kits, probably Alpha.

Jasper Light (Female) colored fur - reserved but friendly

Growler (Sex unknown) The biggest of Chloes family - reserved
(OK, I’m not completely sure, I think this was Growler late last summer).

Alex (Female) The smallest, but extremely friendly, and inquisitive plus playful!

Scar: Reserved in nature - a medium sized male of unknown age. The scar from a cut on his upper jaw that became infected, but eventually healed naturally.
Friday, March 26, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

I must be nuts!

Then along came a small, good looking young skunk! I might add there was no smell about this particular critter. Yes, I tried - very carefully - to make friends with him- or her. Well as soon as I, (very slowly) - opened the door of my garden retreat Stinky would slip around the corner. I put out a very small amount of kibble - and sure enough Stinky would come back for more. It may take some time - but I will get some photos of this very interesting animal. (The name Stinky will have to go - any ideas)?

BTW - the other morning I was awakened to the potent smell of another passing skunk. I would prefer if that one stayed far away. ;) I do have certain limits.

Oh yes, the Robins returned two days ago. Now the predawn hours are filled with the sound of all sorts of birds, including a very noisy red wing blackbird building a nest an the cedar tree next to my retreat. Love those sounds of Spring though.

Regular visit from Alex

Alex was the smallest of Chloe's litter - but is double the size of her mom


I guess it’s the second full day of the Spring season. In fact it felt like Spring for the last two weeks. This winter has set all time records for being dry, and warmer than normal in our area. That said, I see it’s actually snowing at the moment. There was no snow left on the ground, and the present temperature is about +3C- so I don’t expect any great accumulation.

The raccoons have been regular nightly visitors here at my retreat.

More later today folks.

Chloe checks in

Though I had not seen Chloe for about a week, she showed up the night before last. I was wondering if she had her kits - but I can’t be sure. She would eat a small amount, then vanish for about fifteen minutes and return to eat some more. She may be checking on her brood. That’s what she did last year though it seems a little early in the season.

Kimmie is recovering

Kimmie - the biggest female raccoon had some sort of misadventure. At first I thought she may have lost her left eye. However it seems now it was only a severe cut below her eye that had become infected. It has almost completely healed up. I have no idea what may have caused the injury, but her appetite remains good. UPDATE - It seems this was not Kimmie, but another raccoon.