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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Time of Change!

The days are much shorter. The baby raccoons are now as big as their parents. Many of the birds have long since departed for warmer places, as have the monarch butterflies. The squirrels are fat and sassier than ever. The chickadees have moved in - you will see a lot of them from now on - I hope. These tiny birds seem fearless and friendly. ATB! More to come.....

Many of these!

The spiders have reached their full size - but not much time left for them now. They are also in danger from the hunting wasps.

The Wasps Are Swarming

As well as the hornets, bees, and a number of other flying critters. The urge to gather in more food becomes frantic as the weather gets colder.

The ferns are finished...

But the black eye susan is hanging in there.

Finished for the Season (Echinacea magnus)

But promises to be many more blooms next year. It's all part of the cycle.

I have no idea...

It's a small tree loaded with berries. I have no idea what it is though I notice the birds seem to avoid it. Do you know what it might be?

Baloon Flower

This wild flower is still adding new blooms in spite of the cool weather.

Wild Rose Shrub

This strong shrub refuses to quit - wild and wonderful

Smoke Bush

New growth for next year.

New Life on Cedar