Suburban Wildlife

Where we can watch and relate to wildlife in a suburban backyard.
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A change of pace...

Well hello little bird! My neighbor appeared yesterday at the retreat with this little fellow. One of the neighborhood cats brought it to her - completely unhurt. The little critter is almost ready to fly, but is not up to feeding himself. We have no idea where the cat found him. The redwing moms in my backyard totally ignored the little one. Feeding is not a problem as milady had a formula food and experience in feeding baby birds. Our neighbor was also experienced in feeding. I think she willbe bringing the little fellow to a nearby bird rehabbing center within a few days.

Feed me, feed me....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two Newcomers Visit the Retreat

These two characters first appeared three nights ago. At the slightest movement from me they would run - but return a little later to snack on whatever Chloe had left. Over the next few nights they started to get a little more used to me and last night I was finally able to get some good photographs. I suspect they are both young males - perhaps a little over a year old but not yet mature. One has very distinctive eyebrows - the other a slight nick near the base of his left ear. (That may vanish in time though).

Interesting Fellow