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Monday, June 14, 2010

One of my favorite weeds

An interesting ‘weed’. To be sure some have an aversion to this plant in their lawns. My Scottish uncle used to call it ‘grave yard vetch’. This common low growing flowering plant has several names the most common of which is Creeping Charley. It will grow in places where little else does, has nice leaves and very small blue flowers. It grows to a maximum height of perhaps six inches - and even has a nice small when cut back with the lawnmower or other trimmer. Of all the so-called weeds, it’s probably one of the nicest.

This is fun!

Two of the kits romping in the water. The water dish is 15 inches in diameter. Mom and the other siblings are just a few feet away.

Hey, Ma - look at me splash!

Kimmie returned last night, but only with two, then four of her five youngsters. The last one was probably at home having been given a time out for some misbehavior.

Mom watches as one youngster checks out the water. This one was sitting on my foot while eating a few minutes before. Mother raccoon never came closer than six feet away from me - but was quite at ease when the youngsters came right up to me looking for - probably a treat.

Whisker to Whisker, Eye to Eye.

Every time I got close they wanted to check out my camera. Too close to focus properly.
These little characters are extremely inquisitive.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stranger in a Strange Place

Bright Colors

A Very Wild Rose

I have not seen either Chloe or Kimmie and her kits for the last three days. However the ‘newcomers’ have been showing up as regular as clockwork - and getting a little more used to me all the time. I think it’s time to give them names - how about Mutt and Jeff? Mutt being the larger one with the funny face - Jeff the one with the slight nick on his ear.

In the meantime Momma robin has a second family well on the way - and more flowers are blooming as others fade.