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Where we can watch and relate to wildlife in a suburban backyard.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Has Arrived

And the raccoons seem to be sleeping it off. True, there are still lots of squirrels raiding the bird feeder, and I had a visit from one of the local skunks last night. (No smell thank goodness). But it feels a little too cold to stand outside waiting for the jays, cardinals, or ravens to come to the feeder. So I went back into the archives for some photos taken last june and july. ATB!


'I'm looking over a four leaf clover' - and keeping an eye on her youngsters as they eat.

OK, Quit Pushing!

Kimmies kits, well three of them last July. A bit of pushing going on there - but no bad feeling.

Bright Eyes

This is one of Kimmies youngsters, almost full grown last July.

Mother Kimmie Resting

Photos taken last June and July. Kimmie is as big as she looks here - yet is very gentle and loves to bring her family by so I can pretend to be a babysitter.