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Where we can watch and relate to wildlife in a suburban backyard.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kimmie ready for winter

All fat and ready for winter. Kimmie is one very big raccoon! She is seldom with her brood now. Though they are still sticking together now, they are pretty well on their own.

They grow so fast!

This is just a quick photo of four of Kimmie's kits - now mostly full grown. A few months ago they were hardly bigger than your thumb. The red water dish in the background is 15 inches in diameter.

I just got lucky...

The hummingbird (one word?) moth came back. These are very fast moving, just like a real humming bird, though smaller. This species of moth is a daytime flyer. (And I think the only moth that is).

Humming bird moth

These guys don't sit still for an instant!

Monday, August 9, 2010

At Last - a new arrival..

The butterfly bush is starting to live up to it's name. I'm pretty certain this is a monarch. A little over a week ago I almost got a photograph of a hummingbird moth. (Oh boy are they ever fast)!

Not Yet - I hope!

Just a reminder for me to get out there and take lots of photos of summer flowers and animals. (Smile)

The Pumpkin is still blooming.

Rampant Raccoon

I posted this one a long time ago, but it's still one of my favorite. Whlie he may look vicious - it's not true. This early full grown youngster is simply chewing on some dry, hard food.

Yes, More Banana - and Charlie Raccoon.

Hey Guys, Soups On!

More antics by our local jokers. Last night I went to put the garbage cans out for collection in the morning. Charlie is sitting on top of one, and the other three are all around - just waiting, I guess. Well there was no objection as I moved the cans out to the street, and they took my invitation and followed me back to the retreat for some real food. What characters. They may be wild - but boy, are they smart!