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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Old Timer.

Well, he looks like he has been through lots of wars! This is Bear. Missing teeth, torn off ears, and many scars - who knows what this fellow has seen, or how old he may actually be. His many scars may have been caused by many fights with other raccoons, dogs, or even a car. He ain't telling. He was however a regular at the retreat last summer. Bear was never agressive, but he was always very cautious. in reality he is probably just another gentle giant.


Laura Boivin said...

awe...poor little guy *sob* he sure looks like he's been put through the mill.

Rusty said...

He looked like a tough old guy, but I have no idea how old. He was easy to recognize though, and had a good personality. Hope to see him again this summer. Rusty.