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Friday, February 5, 2010

Crystal Clear Night

There is something about the mid-winter moon, just past full and riding very high in a crystal clear sky. No raccoons are expected on such a cold night. Though they don't hibernate, they do sleep the sub-zero weather away. They store up fat during the summer and fall to tide them through the winter. As the temperature starts to rise in March the raccoon will begin to roam again.


bjerred said...

1st visit! I found a link to this blog at Laura's web page.
The retreat looks like a (somewhat cold) paradise. Nice to see all the red dots on the map to the right.
Greetings from Sweden!

Rusty said...

Greetings Lars. Actually it's been quite a mild winter this year - at least up to now. We did not get nearly as much snow as the last two winters - but i'm not complaining. (Smile). Hope to see you again. ATB!