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Monday, March 22, 2010

I must be nuts!

Then along came a small, good looking young skunk! I might add there was no smell about this particular critter. Yes, I tried - very carefully - to make friends with him- or her. Well as soon as I, (very slowly) - opened the door of my garden retreat Stinky would slip around the corner. I put out a very small amount of kibble - and sure enough Stinky would come back for more. It may take some time - but I will get some photos of this very interesting animal. (The name Stinky will have to go - any ideas)?

BTW - the other morning I was awakened to the potent smell of another passing skunk. I would prefer if that one stayed far away. ;) I do have certain limits.

Oh yes, the Robins returned two days ago. Now the predawn hours are filled with the sound of all sorts of birds, including a very noisy red wing blackbird building a nest an the cedar tree next to my retreat. Love those sounds of Spring though.

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