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Monday, May 17, 2010

A good friend, but not a pet.

I was bringing the garbage out when I realized I was not alone. Chloe was standing right by my foot looking up at me probably wondering when I would put some kibble out for her supper. Now who could refuse a look like that? I was unable to completely finish a big plate of lasagna, and I thought why not? An extra treat for her - with some kibble added. If you look closely at her whiskers you can see she was enjoying the dish.


bunnits said...

Yum. I should come forage at your house.

Gail said...

How adorable! Just a tad spoiled, I would say.

June said...

I wonder if she had ever in her life had lasagna before! Such a cute face! I love her sparkly eyes!

Sweet Repose said...

What a gourmet is this little critter...gotta luvum!

I was sitting on the porch swing the other morning and heard quail call somewhere on my 6 acres, which is the reason I don't mow and allow the natural cedar thickets to flourish. My own little piece of paradise, I'll be glad when the cedars are big enough to hide me away from the world...hope I live long enough to enjoy this age, one never knows, but I'm hopeful...and pooped from moving all that darned furniture! Ha!

Have a wonderful week with them critters!


Rusty said...

I think the cedar is my favorite tree. There is something magic about a grove of cedars. Excellet shelter, winter and summer for all critters, including the human kind. Strong trunks, colorful, clean bark, strong roots. Aquiet home for all. ATB!