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Where we can watch and relate to wildlife in a suburban backyard.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chloe Returns With Her Family

Chloe came by last night with her entire family. It seems she only has two kits this year. As usual they all seemed very healthy and easy to get along with. (Unlike three if Kimmies youngsters who are 'grabby' and one might say bratty). It was hard to get a photograph of the little ones as they wanted to check out the camera or climb up on my knee to beg for a treat.


Friko said...

and a lovely lot they are!

I like all of these pictures and the creatures portrayed.

Laura Boivin said...

wow!! Rusty, what a wonderful array of pictures. Your photography is amazing!!!

I envy your courage to hand feed the raccoons...looks like fun, but I'm just not brave enough to approach any wildlife.

I will keep coming back to check out your new pictures.

Thanks for shring them.


Rusty said...

I enjoy being able to take these photographs. I enjoy the ability to (shall we say) relate to the wild animals, and demonstrate that under certain conditions they are not the dangerous and disgusting creatures some make them out as. There are limits, of course - you don't want them in your living space. But in their enviroment they have value. ATB!

Rusty said...

Hi Friko - I'm happy they give you some enjoyment.

Rusty said...

Hi Laura. Well, it's a long process to get to know, and be able to trust these animals. It starts with helping them a little with food. Then making sure they know you are the one with the food. (Just like feeding squirrels in the park). Gradually thye will learn to trust you. Even so it's wise to always have some way of retreating or establishing some sort of boundry. (A plastic snow shovel in my case). These creatures have good memory - and will learn to respect your space - but it takes time. I have known Chloe perhaps five years, and Kimmie at least three.