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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey Ma - Who Is This?

Imagine my surprise - a few minutes ago Chloe showed up with two of her youngsters - along with Ms. Skunk - right at my open door. (Open trying to keep things cooler in the retreat). Thankfully there was only a slight 'discussion' about who was going to get to eat - and they all sat down together like old friends. To add to the fun Kimmie and her five showed up a few minutes later. A busy night!


bunnits said...

What a great photo. Luckily, things went well. We had a friend who had a skunk take up residence under her house during mild weather. On the first warm day that they decided to turn on the AC, it frightened Ms Skunky and she fumigated the unit. The humans had to move out while Ms Skunky was relocated and the premises de-perfumed.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Photos as per usual cute!
Thanks for sharing..lolly

Rusty said...

She (?) is a funny little creature. Actually almost friendly. I saw her again early this morning. I think she is hiding out in the shrubs very close to the retreat. Boy am I glad she does not smell!