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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ahhh, love that banana!

Yes, thats Charlie again. I think the storm we had last night upset their normal feeding times. Charlie showed up this morning with his sister - very hungry


Gail said...

Do you get many 'possums? Our Herman loved bananas.

forestwalk/laura k said...

thanks for stopping by my blog...i thought i'd see what was happening in 'your world'. what beautiful pictures!! we get raccoons...and possums...the night critters...but i have yet to get a good picture!! yours are terrific! and the flowers...beautiful. i'll be looking forward to seeing MORE!! :) laura

Sweet Repose said...

This has been such a crazy weather year for us here in Iowa, but my terrier tells me that the early winter is coming, as she's already been catching mice trying to make their way into a winter abode.

Your wildlife shots are so much fun, love the critters too!


Sandy said...

I like Charlie. I wonder what he likes to eat.

Sandy said...

That was weird. When I read this it said Love that Bandana...and I was looking at the photo for a bandana. I need my glasses fixed, ha.

Do you put out fresh bananas for them.

bunnits said...

Mmm, mmm. Yum. My bunnies love bananas, too.

Rusty said...

We seem to be just out of the area for possums. I have only seen one young groundhog this year. Never seen any porcupines, probably too built up.

Raccoons will eat just about anything, be it vegatable or animal. They should never be fed anything with sugar though. Nor anything containing chocolate. Baby raccoons should NEVER be fed cows milk. (Sadly a common mistake). Best food for them is dry dog food, chicken-rice formula is something the love.

Usually the banana I give them is just past it's best - still fresh though.

Ah yes, I get the feeling fall weather may be early this year. Most of the birds have vanished form my feeder.

Rusty said...

Hold it Rusty! Sorry gang - I just realized I made a comment up there that could be taken the wrong way. Dry dog foor is for young or full grown raccoons - NOT baby coonies. Perhaps the best milk for baby raccoons is the same stuff they sell for kittens. I have no experience in that area, but I have been told (if needed) to get the dry formula and mix what you need yourself.

The best place to follow up on this sort of rescue topic is RR6PUBLIC in the Yahoo groups. ATB!