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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey Look Who Arrived!

The blue jays have been around for a while, but they don't seem to like having their photo taken. But if the feeder is empty in the morning they raise an awful fuss until I serve them breakfast. Now with a little luck I will get photos of the cardinals and blackbirds. It's not surprising they are so cautious, I'm only at most five feet from the feeder.


Friko said...

He may not like to have his photo taken but you caught him, all the same. Not a bird we'd see round here.
I wonder what kind of bird your blackbird is.

forestwalk/laura k said...

wow!! look at the color on that blue jay!! so beautiful!! glad you were able to get that terrific picture!!!

i hope you have the same luck with the cardinals & blackbirds!!

do they hang out with you during the winter...or head to warmer land...??

The Weaver of Grass said...

What a beautiful bird - never seen one before but have heard of them - in all my travels in Canada over the years have looked for them.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Do call again.

Kate said...

Delightful photos, Rusty, of trees, animals and birds we don't have here in Australia.

They could do with some home made sourdough bread, don't you think, these Jays?!

lollypopj said...

The bluejays here (in Alberta) come round at noon..making a screaming noise..
I feel badly cause the hail ruined the sunflowers and i have none to feed them,as we did in previous years..;(
Thx for your site.lolly in Alta.

bunnits said...

Here in Alabama we have these guys all year, but I never get tired of watching them.

Rusty said...

Those jays can get loud! I generally only see them in the cooler weather. I have a feeling they head a little further north during the summer. I have no idea if they will stay the winter. So far no luck with the cardinals. They only seem to drop in the late afternoon. Same with the blackbird. A small flock of nuthatches have started coming around. Things are looking great.