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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Has Arrived

And the raccoons seem to be sleeping it off. True, there are still lots of squirrels raiding the bird feeder, and I had a visit from one of the local skunks last night. (No smell thank goodness). But it feels a little too cold to stand outside waiting for the jays, cardinals, or ravens to come to the feeder. So I went back into the archives for some photos taken last june and july. ATB!


bunnits said...

We had a light dusting of snow on Sunday. Pretty typical of the snow fall here in Alabama. About the biggest event was the temperature of 12 degrees.

I saw photos on the Weather Channel of two lighthouses completely encased in ice.

forestwalk/laura k said...

yes!! i saw that frozen lighthouse too! amazing!!

no snow where i'm at...but we have had a few COLDEST days on record...and i think the critters are trying to stay warm and conserve their energy!

...looking forward to peeking into your archives!! :))

Sandy said...

I'm glad you went back to your archives, I'm sure some of them I've never seen before. I like your banner photo a lot!

We don't have snow here but the rain has been coming down for days and will continue to for several more days. I think So Cal should be out of its' drought status soon.


No snow in here. It hasn't snowed in Long Beach, California since 1949. But we are presently getting hit by a big rain storm.

Rusty, I hope you and your family have a Wonderful Christmas :-)

God Bless You, ~Ron

Mary said...

Love your blog and your critters!

Merry Christmas!