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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Pumpkin is still blooming.


Gail said...

Growing plenty to carve for Halloween.

I read a recipe for pumpkin brandy: Remove seeds, place pumpkin over large container, add sugar. When bottom falls out of pumpkin, strain and drink.

I did not make this up!

Rusty said...

Makes sense, I think. I wonder what it tastes like? Oe old navy trick was to do something similar with a coconut. Drill hole, add a bit of sugar and a touch of rum - cork hole - and forget it. (And hope it did not explode)!

These pumpkin plants are strange. Had lots of blooms - ALL MALE FLOWERS. Not a single female flower on six plants. Oh boy - can I think of lots of quick remarks to that one. Grin.