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Saturday, January 1, 2011

About Time You Showed Up!

I think thats what this character was tellingme this morning. OK,I was NOT up late last night, I was NOT at a party, but I was getting a very nice sleep 'till you guys woke me this morning.

I am no having much luck getting photos of the larger birds at the feeder - it's probably too close to the door so the slightest movement on my part and they scram.

The raccoons seem to be still sleeping but my friendly skunk drops in just about every night.

OK, I give up - these squirrels seem to love having their photo taken (as long as I feed them) - so squirrel photos it is for now.

Best wishes for a very Happy New Year toone and all. ATB! Rusty


Gail said...

And wonderful photos they are!

Rusty said...

It's all because those critters make such wonderful, patient subjects.

Yes, I think this is momma, perhaps the same one I photographed a couple of months ago. She is almost as 'tame' as Nappy. (Napoleon). ATB! (And thanks).

Lori E said...

Good heavens that is a chubby little fellow. It doesn't look like she misses too many meals.

Mary said...

Love the critters, Rusty. Pure entertainment!

Happy New Year! May you continue that great photography.


ChrisJ said...

Wow, Rusty! I knew there was a simple solution to my computer problem! Thanks so much for the tip. Going out tomorrow (it's 11:30 pm right now) to find one of those memory card readers!

P.S. Your photos are wonderful.

Sandy said...

I love the squirrel photos, so keep em coming...I like them better in your photos than here in my yard making a mess of everything.

forestwalk/laura k said...

so squirrels it is!! for now!! and that's FINE!! ANY and ALL of your pictures are fine!!

Happy New Year to you! stay warm!! :]