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Thursday, August 11, 2011

G.H. (Aka Gizmo Hog) Returns

Gizmo is ever alert and ready to scram for home. I must move very slowly and quietly. This has to be the smallest groundhog I have ever seen. But I'm happy he seems to call my backyard home. Being a vegetarian he has a taste for the bird food I put out.


June said...

Oh, he is small! And so cute!
I like woodchucks. They don't bother anybody and they're interesting little critters. Only once have I heard one whistle and it nearly split my eardrums.

Larry said...

Nice photo! I would like them if I didn't have one eating the vegetables out of my garden on a daily basis.

Gail said... for his holes!

forestwalk/laura k said...

i didn't know that Ghogs ate bird seed! but, i guess if they're not picky eaters...anything will do...(as long as it isn't furry or feathery!)
nice looking shy, eh?