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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Waiting for interesting events.

Waiting for the fun stuff. Will the very shy groundhog return?

Will Chloe and Kimmie visit to show off their litter this year? (If indeed they even have any kits to show off).

I’m waiting and watching for any signs. Alex and Jasper are still too young to have litters of their own - but they come by just about every night.

Stinky, (We gotta get another name) - the young skunk is almost used to me moving about. He or she has not once made any threatening move, but is still too shy to let me get a photograph.

Lets just wait and watch together.

In the meantime watch the following video to see a bit of what may be expected.


Anonymous said...

Names for Stinky: Flower, Blossom, Chanel, Rose, Tulip (if it is a female); otherwise, Brute, Polo, Pepe (le Phew), Boss, Axel.

Love the blog.

Rusty said...

Now the question is - male or female skunk? I'm not sure I will find out that soon. I wonder why? Grin. Good names though. I will keep them in mind. I have not seen that little skunk for about a week now.Perhaps toight.

I forgot, there is a photo of the retreat at the very end of the Chloe 2008 movie. That winter we were half buried under the snow!