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Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a change of pace!

I added this photo just for fun. This is not the camera used to take the pictures in this blog - though it is still in working condition.


Greg C said...

I would love to see a photo taken with that camera. We sure have come a long way with technology. Do you know how old it is?

Rusty said...

My aunt gave me this camera around 1952. She thought it was perhaps 50 years old then. It takes a standard 4 x 5 cut film or glass plate holder. The lens is a simple acromat. The shutter has a single speed probably about a 30 of a second. It’s an extremely simple mechanism. The lens has two ‘stops’ but I have no idea what the value of each actually is.

The white chip you can see in the photograph looks like it might be ivory and has the following information;

Canadian Camera Co. Montreal
(and in very fine print)
The Whitehead and Moag Co… Newark N.J.

Gail said...

This camera is a work of art by itself.

Anonymous said...

lolly here..I have an old black "Brownie" camera..takes round flashbulbs from about 1960..I keep it for was my 11th Birthday gift.

Rusty said...

Well doggone! There are things about this program I have yet to learn. This (and other) photos vanished from my view - and even now I'm not certain where they are!

Anyhow - my first camera was a Kodak Baby Brownie. I think I was given it in 1938. I still have a few prints of photos I took at the New York World Fair in 1939, but sadly I no longer have the camera.