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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of things to come...

It’s bound to come up soon. The yearly crop of young raccoons are starting to appear a little south of me. Cute they are - but before anyone considers keeping one as a pet, please check out this link.

Replace the xxx with the www

In case of problems concerning critters that may be in need of help, this link may give you, (and the critter) - serious help. At present I don’t have any information on rehabbers located in the south west of Quebec.

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Lori E said...

Oh how the raccoons have ruined my ponds and eaten my little fishies. They even got a hold of my cat once but he got away and survived.

They would hide under our large deck and fight amongst themselves making a huge racket. They were not the least bit afraid of us coming out to chase them off.

I don't see them often anymore and that is a good thing.

Rusty said...

To be sure - raccoons can be extremely noisy! Your cat was lucky to escape. Normally these critters will avoid each other. Dogs, on the other hand are a natural enemy, and one which few raccoons can stand up to. One suggestion - avoid leaving any food for your pets outside. As for their fishing habit and your pond - it's one thing that raccoons will do. I don't know how a fish pond can be protected.