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Friday, April 16, 2010


Her winter coat is almost gone - and she looks pretty awful, but is in good health and as sweet as ever. I'm beginning to think she may be a lot older than I thought. I first made friends with her in 2008, but I think she may have been around at least two years before that. She will still sit up and take a tea biscuit from my hand, but I still can't say for sure if she is expecting, or has had her kits already. If she starts coming by during the day it will probably indicate she is nursing a brood. She is a real little lady - even her year-old kits are twice her size!


June said...

A petite sweetheart!
She does look a little scrufty, but what a pretty little girl!

bunnits said...

I really enjoy all your great photos of great critters.

Rusty said...

Chloe came by the night of April 20th and shared a meal with two of her offspring. Jasper and Alex - both are much bigger than mom! (The offspring are about a year old now).