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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Momma Relaxing!

Oh my! What a busy night. After Chloe came by to show off one of her family, we had a visit from Kimmie (Big Momma) and her gang of five. Big Momma seems to have decided to let us act as baby sitters, (or should that be kit sitters) - while she moved off about twenty feet to just relax.


Country Mouse Studio said...

So glad to find your blog, we have raccoons visit us and bring their babies by. They come nightly from fall to spring but since we live by a creek and the fishing gets good in the summer they only come by once or twice to show off the babies.
Everyone tells us we're crazy to let them come around but they don't bother our cat or dog and only get into my garbage if I forget to put the dogfood out.
They have become amazingly tame and my husband has been able to feed them by hand too.

June said...

What an honor, to be assigned Kitsitting Duty while Mom relaxed!

bunnits said...

A much needed break for Mom, I'm sure. She looks very comfortable and happy for the little time out from the kids.

Rusty said...

One thing was noticed. When we left food out - there were fewer trashed garbage cans in the area. Yes, the local raccoons are running sort of a 'protection racket'. One other side effect is a greatly reduced mouse population - and they also keep the rats away. Remove the raccoon and the rat population may skyrocket.