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Monday, April 26, 2010

Chloe is nursing!

Yesterday turned out quite eventful. First of all, Chloe showed up at the door early in the afternoon. Eat and run - then back again several minutes later to repeat the pattern. Sure enough it seems she is now nursing a litter. Her den must be close by but I have no idea where - and I’m not going to do anything to disturb it. At one point she even came up behind Milady and waited for her to hand feed her a tea biscuit. Last week she was running away whenever Milady came within fifty feet of the retreat.


Friko said...

fantastic pictures!
I've scrolled back to previous posts. Are you really getting these shots in urban areas?

Rusty said...

All the photos are taken in the same suburban back yard.

I have ot seen Chloe today - perhaps later.


Rusty said...

Later this evening Chloe returned with a friend. Much to my surprise the little (but growing) skunk was actually with her. The two started eating side by side. I tried to get a photograph but as soon as I opened the door the little skunk scrammed. It will be back. Oh, I say little but she (or he) is a bit bigger than Chloe now.

bunnits said...

What great photos. I love that face.