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Thursday, April 29, 2010

This must mean spring is here

It seems the very wet snow had little effect on the various garden plants. The Bleeding heart is going to be I it’s full glory over the next few days. The Hosta are sprouting. Ferns are going crazy and the lilac tree looks like it will be sporting a bumper crop of blooms.

I have no idea what this pretty blue flower is, nor do I know where it came from - but I like it.

Oh yes - the dandelions are doing just great!


June said...

I don't see any "pretty blue flower," unless you mean the grape hyacinth in the previous post.
Izzat it?

Rusty said...

I have never seen one with such tiny flowers. At most they are only a quarter inch long. I oce had grape hyacinth in another garder but it was much bigger. This one is a little gem.

June said...

They were one of my mother's Spring Joys...beautiful tiny little things, aren't they?

Gail said...

I love Bleeding Hearts, I think of Mom and Grandma, thank you.