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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bear Returns - with Kimmie?

Later last night I had a visit from a huge raccoon. I think it was Kimmie, aka Big Momma. This raccoon is about five times larger than Chloe - but is as gentle as a lamb at this time of year. A few minutes later an even bigger, very rough looking character joined Kimmie at the dinner table. Also a gentle giant - this one looked familiar. Sure enough, a good photograph comparison identifies this one as Bear - one raccoon I never expected to see again. (Check further down for another photo of Bear taken last year).

I have no idea what these two weigh - but my guess is they may be around fifty pounds! And yet, (at this time of year) - they are as friendly and gentle as can be.

Still one question remains, (Only one)? Is that Kimmie? If not who is it? This raccoon obviously knew me. A search through my photographs may supply the answer. About the only real distinguishing mark is that tail, (and of course the size). But marks like that are only temporary.

Keep you posted. It's going to be an exciting summer in the back yard!

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