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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another unknown flower -

There are a few stalks of this somewhat pretty flower in the 'forgotten' area by the fence in the shade of the neighbours lilac shrubs. I have no idea what it might be called but it's too interesting a flower to get rid of. Anyone know what it might be called?


Anonymous said...

Hi..there is a magazine site called Birds and Blooms where you can submit flowers, plants etc for identification..
You might "google" it and put it in your favorites for further reference..

Stiofán said...

looks to me like it's from the family 'Campanula'. There's sure to be some regional variation so I couldn't tell what's growing in your end of the woods. It may be a garden variety or a wild variety but I honestly wouldn't be able to say with any precision.

Have a look for Campanula varieties native to your area.

Hope this helps!

Rusty said...

Hi Stiofan, Yes - I think you have it. There are certainly many varieties. I suspect it may be a wild transplant. This one seems to prefer a cool, well shaded spot to thrive. It's gradually spreading which is great.

Stiofán said...

Campanula species are a woodland plant in the wild so it's no surprise yout plant likes a shady moist spot! Have a look for 'Bluebells' native to your neck of the woods... excuse the pun.

Rusty said...

Hi Stiofan. Yes, thats the species. However there are so many varieties that it's well beyond my skills to try for an exact ID. I notice though that new stalks are coming up and blooming even now in mid August. It looks like next year I will have a lot of them growing along the back. ATB!