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Friday, March 25, 2011


OK, it looks like AV growing is still in my blood. When I was out looking for the size of pot I needed - I stopped to look at the display of African violets in a place where I normally would never buy plants. (Based on finding the plants I bought from them years ago were infested with pests). For the most part the display Was miserable. The plants had been raised in a very cramped environment. They had broken leaves and uneven growth. But one stood out as the two flowers that were open looked very interesting. Lets just say I decided to ‘rescue’ it. Once home I removed a few broken and mangled leaves - setting three into a small pot of rooting medium. I will see how things develop after a month or so. Oh, yes - this plant is classed as a ‘standard’ in size. That is if all goes well it will grow to be about eight inches in diameter.


Once you start growing new plants from leaf cuttings, violets will take over your life, your house, your neighbors and relatives. Violets can make good gifts though not everybody wants to care for a plant that is felt by many to be ‘difficult’.

BE WARNED. (Said from the voice of experience - growing these things IS addictive). ;))) ATB!

1 comment:

forestwalk/laura k said...

worse things to be addicted to...
i can live with THAT!! :]