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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Gang Arrived Last Night.

I can't be certain, but I suspect they are from Kimmie's gang. They are just about a year old now.


forestwalk/laura k said...

yay! looks like spring is on the way!!? i can see GROUND!!

i love your night time pictures! how do you get them? wait for them to show up and then surprise them? *flash*

they're all so C U T E!!

Rusty said...

Flash. It's almost totally dark otherwise. The raccoons seem quite used to my antics and they don't even seem to notice the very bright flask even though it's almost light in their faces.The flash is somewhat diffused though to try and avoid harsh shadows. The unit itself is a Nikon SB600.

Rusty said...

Raccoons are naturally inquisitive. They will get to know people given the chance. A few of these I have been on a first name basis for five years. (In a manner of speaking). they do have individual personalities. They do make an interesting study as long as we remember they are wild. A pet as such they will never become. One exception may be a handicapped raccoon, but thats a special case.

forestwalk/laura k said...

Thanks Rusty!

we get the visiting Raccoon...or 'possom...but they don't usually come up too close to the house.
of course i've tried to get a pic with the flash on...but i have to do it from pretty far away...TOO far away for a good steady, (fairly) well-lit picture. does make me smile to see your little raccoon family...and all the other critters!
cheers! :]laura